I was interested in video production from a very young age, but didn’t get my hands on a camera until college. I started out making short documentaries, and went on to work and volunteer for NGOs where video became an integral tool for advocacy and promotion.

During my time at MIT, I received a grant to complete research in Peru. I decided to turn that research into a short (extremely DIY) documentary: On the Line: Internet in Rural Peru (2010). You can watch the whole thing here if you want to (00:24m), or just watch the trailer.

I also helped out others on projects, serving as a videographer and PA for numerous projects (2004-6) and assistant director for a series of videos produced for MIT’s Center for Transportation and Logistics (2010). Between 2004-11 I also shot and edited short promotional videos for NGOs, including the Save Darfur Coalition, the U.S. Campaign for Burma, Democracy Now! and Third Sector New England.

On the side, and throughout my time at MIT, I worked on my own projects. I formed a film crew, Tapioca Productions, as producer/director, and we were active from 2004-7. We competed in short film festivals and won audience award in 2005 and seven awards, including Best Film, in 2007 (watch it below). I also served as judge for the “48 Go Green” competition in 2011 for environmental-related short films.

Sometimes I filmed The Living Room Monologues, a series of edited interviews with random people, which were published online with portrait photography. Here’s a few of them:

I started out making music videos for friends on the side, like this one: