Dougherty’s index of things I owned and loved in 2016

1. Honeywell HCM350B Cool Mist Humidifier
Lame? Maybe. Responsible for the first great night’s sleep I’ve had since moving to a dry apt in Brooklyn? YES.

2. Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream
Does it make your skin shiny? Yeah. Is it great for your skin otherwise? Yeah.

3. Fjallraven Kanken laptop backpack
Does it look like a child’s bookbag from summer camp in 1972? Definitely. But does it only weigh 1lb and not hurt my back at all? Totally.

4. Fuji Xpro2 digital rangefinder camera
This is my new best friend. Invaluable. Recommended with the 18mm wide lens, which magnifies to 23mm.

5. Fuji Instax 90 instant camera
I bought this to send my brother tiny photos every day during his Seal training. So far I’ve sent somewhere around 500. It gets the job done, battery lasts forever, and kids love it too.

6. Amazon Prime membership
Do you still not have one? Whyyyyyyyyyy not?!

7. Victorinox Spectra 2.0, 26L and carry-on luggage, red
Hard case, very light, already been on many planes with me. No complaints yet.

8. North Face Far Northern Parka, navy
Finally bit the bullet and bought a waterproof NF down park with a fur collar so I can look like literally every other person in America. But I get it: these things are warm. And light. And practical. Amen.

9. Maui Jim Cliff House polarized aviator blue mirror sunglasses
Clearly the theme of this list is “This item is really light”, but really, these things are LIGHT. It’s like wearing nothing. And they work SO WELL. And they look awesome.

10. On Cloud lightweight sneakers
‘On’ is the name of the brand, from Switzerland. ‘Cloud’ is the name of the shoe. This is embarrassing, but, again, these are basically weightless sneakers.

Apparently my goal in 2016 was to feel as lightweight as possible, maybe because I carry a 15″ laptop on my back 100% of the time as a tech consultant. But I highly recommend any of these purchases. Bonus shout-out to my old faithful possessions highlighted in previous Dougherty Indexes: Pure Internet Radio, and Bialetti’s Stovetop Venus Espresso Maker. Everything else I own is in storage.


I realize I have not written in…several seasons. It still feels pointless since my father is no longer alive. And yet, it’s another year, so:

Things I accomplished in 2016

– Finished redesigning & relaunching my church org’s website, an 8-month effort
– Finished redesigning & relaunching my friend G’s website after some technical hassles
– Said goodbye to Astoria & moved to Brooklyn
– Began plotting entrepreneurial product/service ideas, with some success or at least intellectual progress

Things I’d like to (realistically) accomplish in 2017

– Improve posture
– Publish industry papers again
– Do at least 20 minutes of cardio daily, even if it’s running up and down the stairs
– Other, bigger physical & spiritual goals that I can’t jinx myself by writing here

More later.

An essay for the new year, by Milton Glaser

These are from Milton Glaser’s Things I have learned (PDF)

1. You can only work for people that you like.
2. If you have a choice, never have a job.
3. Some people are toxic. Avoid them.
4. Professionalism is not enough; or, The good is the enemy of the great.
5. Less is not necessarily more.
6. Style is not to be trusted.
7. How you live changes your brain.
8. Doubt is better than certainty.
9. On aging: it doesn’t matter.
10. Tell the truth.

Read it in full.

Bye bye bro

My “little” 6’7 brother left today to begin Naval Officer training – before he continues on to Navy Seals training in January. Always one for a challenge. I went to Philly last weekend to say goodbye to him (and inadvertently meet his buddies). It was a nice time, but sad that he’ll be gone for potentially years. And an interesting reunion to have for the first time after our father’s death. But c’est la vie.



Got to stay with my “cousins” for the night, which is always excellent. We woke up after very little sleep with tiaras on…


I miss you, Philadelphia.

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